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 September 2019 to August 2020

5th September AGM
12th September Social Meeting
2nd October Spinning day- fleece exchange and tupping time raffle (members only)
9th October Social Meeting
6th November Embroidery embellishment (members only)
13th November Social Meeting
4th December Christmas Lunch members only
11th December Social with Mince Pies
1st January Bank Holiday - no meeting
8th January Crochet techniques (members only)
5th February Spin an art yarn (members only)
12th February Social Meeting
4th March Silk paper (members only)
11th March Social Meeting
1st April Weaving Day and Inkle weaving (members only)
8th April Social Meeting
6th May 3- dimensional needle felting (members only)
13th May Social Meeting
3rd June

Modular knitting (members only)

10th June Social  Meeting
1st July Shibori - for dye day (members only)
8th July Social meeting
5th August Dye day in Jane's garden (members only)
12th August Social
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This page was last updated 16 September, 2019